Punk Mathematics will be a series of mathematical stories. It is written for readers who are interested in having their minds expanded by the strange metaphors and implications of mathematics, even if they’re not always on friendly terms with equations. Better living through probability; the fractal dimension of cities and cancers; using orders of magnitude to detect bullshit; free will and quantum economics; and the mathematics of cooperation in a networked world on the brink of a No Future collapse.

About Tom

Tom received a master’s degree in mathematical sciences from Portland State University, and taught math there for three years. He is the quieter half of the Math for Primates podcast (http://mathforprimates.com ), and a book seemed inevitable after the warm reaction (http://boingboing.net/2010/02/27/punk-math-philosophy.html) to his description of punk mathematics on Technoccult.net (http://technoccult.net/archives/2010/02/25/the-punk-rock-philosophy-of-mathematics-technoccult-interviews-tom-henderson).

Project Timeline:

Phase 1: Writing Like Mad (ongoing)
Phase 2: Mathpunx Unite!: Six weeks of interactive online mathematical ridiculousness designed to make your brain sore (in all the right ways)
Phase 3: Rewrites and editing; incorporation of Phase 2 material
Phase 4: Typesetting and publishing

Project Location: Portland, OR