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Occupying Portland

I’ve been having a hell of a time trying to figure out my stance on the eviction of Occupy Portland, less than 9 hours from now. Writing this out helped. Yes, Occupations have an asshole problem[1]. Yes, Occupy is about more than tents, and there may be better places to occupy than a kettled-in park […]

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net work / in me shed

I went to the island, spent time with people I like, and watched bats and satellites and stars, stars, stars, which are countable only in the strictest technical sense. Then, in the middle of the night, I swallowed several high-degree polynomials, washed them down with tequila and a squeeze of Zorn’s Lemma, and dreamed. In […]

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for all men x, x is not an island

Nevertheless, I’m heading to an island this weekend, that Nature might provide some workaday transcendance. Rudy Rucker, The Lifebox, the Seashell, and the Soul: …[E]xpressing a desire to have a spiritual life might activate, let us say, certain brain centers that release endorphins, which in turn affect the threshold levels of one’s neurons. And these […]

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