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the new timeline of suck

I believe that in the first year of this project, I have committed most creative sins Merlin refers to in this talk, with the happy exception of activities worth promotion to the rank of Salami Commander. The result: tens of thousands of words, which are totally not a book. I tried a few more things […]

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rubber teardrop + nibbled to death by ducks

My goal for the week was a video update, catching you guys up to speed on Phase II of the master plan. Instead it’s been a week of chaste surge protectors (don’t ask) and video clips going inexplicably green. Hideous, night-vision green. While I troubleshoot this development (I’d pun off ‘development’ but it’s video not […]

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streams of information

The book’s going well. But any update I write would be, at this point, really boring. “He sits. He picks up an index card. He enters it in the most likely place in the mega mindmap. He makes a checkmark. He picks up an index card.” So, please enjoy this ramble from my thank-god-i’m-not-forced-to-take-another-sick-day-but-boy-am-i-not-well-yet brain. […]

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sullen and bathrobey

I enjoy working from home. My front windows accumulate lovely mathy dry-erase diagrams. Snacks are close. Pants are optional. But, after complaints from Management that my pages were coming in ‘sullen and bathrobey’, I allowed it might be worth trying a dedicated work environment. So, I’ve started working from NedSpace Downtown, a coworking spot in […]

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long live punkmathematics.com!

punkmathematics.com went live today!  If you’re reading this post, you’ve found it!  Here are a few things you should know… -Pre-orders of the book are available on the Merch! page. -We support shipping to all 50 United States as well as UK and Ireland.  We’re working on adding more shipping options.  Tell us where you […]

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a few more rewards (shhh!)

Update #4 originally posted on August 27 Dear Backers, I’ve added 2 Answer-to-Everything packs and 1 Research Patron pack to the reward list. You heard it first! -Tom

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some frequently asked questions

Update #3 originally posted August 25 Hey folks, I’ve just been answering a few of the questions I’ve received, and some of them have a common answer: Q: Will my signed book be inscribed to my Kickstarter handle or can I change it? A: If you’re getting this book for someone else, or you want […]

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raising the stakes

Update #2 originally posted on August 19 I’ve been spending a lot of time doing two things this week: staring at this web page with my jaw hanging open, and pondering how to raise Punk Mathematics to a level 548% (as of this writing) of what I first had in mind. I’m still reworking my […]

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exponential wow

Update #1 originally posted on August 7 It took 18 hours for this project to fund, and 36 hours for me to have the slightest idea what to say. You, network, have rocked my world. On Thursday I asked the internet, “Hey, should I write this book? It’s been kicking around in my head for […]

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