long live punkmathematics.com!

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punkmathematics.com went live today!  If you’re reading this post, you’ve found it!  Here are a few things you should know…

-Pre-orders of the book are available on the Merch! page.

-We support shipping to all 50 United States as well as UK and Ireland.  We’re working on adding more shipping options.  Tell us where you live and we’ll add it to our profile.  (Shipping is based on USPS Priority Mail).

-We’ll track the progress of the book on the Updates page

-We’ll be adding items to the store as quickly as we can.  We’ll have buttons and stickers and probably T-shirts as well.  Post other stuff you want in the comments and we’ll look into it!

Also, how cool is this?

-Punk Mathematics was featured on WIRED magazine’s GEEKDAD Blog.

-It was also recently featured in The Portland Mercury Online.

-Tom’s interview on technoccult, a must-read

-Tom on boingboing

-Another article about the book at coilhouse

-A long thread on ycombinator’s HACKER NEWS

If you see more coverage of Tom online, post the link in the comments and we’ll add it to the list.  If the article has a comments feature, link to punkmathematics.com and we’ll send you a free button!