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Pre-order the Punk Mathematics book

The Punk Mathematics book is available to order in two different packages:

  1. The hardback and PDF version gets you your own physical and electronic copies of the book.
  2. The PDF version gets you an electronic copy of the book for reading on your computer, iPad, Kindle, iPhone, iPod, etc, etc. Depending on the device you’re using you might have to install a PDF reader such as FoxIt Reader or Adobe’s Acrobat Reader.
Format Price Order
Hardback and PDF $29
PDF $9

Punk Mathematics T-Shirts

Avoid derision at public events by sporting your very own Punk Mathematics T-Shirt. Available in four sizes (S, M, L ,XL) and shipping immediately, these will set you apart from other supposed math fans.

Sex Price Order
Male $17.50
Size :
Female $20
Size :

Check back often! We hope to have patches, buttons and stickers soon, plus access to the interactive portion of the site when it comes online!

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