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some frequently asked questions

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Update #3 originally posted August 25

Hey folks,

I’ve just been answering a few of the questions I’ve received, and some of them have a common answer:

Q: Will my signed book be inscribed to my Kickstarter handle or can I change it?
A: If you’re getting this book for someone else, or you want a name change from your Kickstarter name, I will make sure that’s updated when I get your shipping information.

Q: Can Punk Mathematics be shipped internationally?
A: It looks like international shipping adds between $5 and $12 based on how far your country is from the US. If you are outside of the US, please consider adding a few bucks to your contribution for shipping costs. Classical game theory suggests you shouldn’t voluntarily pay more, so this is a minor experiment in behavioral game theory. :D

Q: Does the $20 backing include the pdf?
A: Yes. That level gets you a book, along with everything you’d get from contributing $9.

Q: What license will the book and additional content be published under?
A: For sure, I’d like to release the book under the Attribution, Share-Alike license. I’m reserving judgment on Non-Commercial for when I understand a bit more (it’s not my first book but it is my first for publication).

Q: You’re sold out of Package X. Will there be more available?
A: Give me till tomorrow. The overfunding means I have more time to work with and I’d like to accommodate another couple of rewards to use that time.

OMG! Just a few more days!

raising the stakes

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Update #2 originally posted on August 19

I’ve been spending a lot of time doing two things this week: staring at this web page with my jaw hanging open, and pondering how to raise Punk Mathematics to a level 548% (as of this writing) of what I first had in mind.

I’m still reworking my timeline (including when different rewards will activate) and I’ll soon have a FAQ addressing your comments and messages. For now I wanted to add two rewards:

The first time I uploaded this project, I forgot I needed a logo. I whipped up a cute but way-too-Descendants icon, which stayed up for about three minutes before David replaced it with the current design. It says everything, in four characters. I want to see those four characters on shirts and bags and blazers and blouses, so everyone at the $2 level and above gets a button as soon as we can ship ‘em out. Buttons!

I’m apportioning some of the overfund to a modest travel budget. This show has got to get out on the road! In Spring 2011, I will hit the rails, doing a show for backers who take this reward level, and visiting whoever else I can along the solution to the routing problem. Routing!

It’s funny: Even though numbers are my friends, I can get nervous around them when they’re prefixed by a $ sign. But when I reload this page (and, I will admit, gulp a little) I see a number encoding nearly five hundred people with the curiousity to back a vision. Bad ass.

Less than three,

exponential wow

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Update #1 originally posted on August 7

It took 18 hours for this project to fund, and 36 hours for me to have the slightest idea what to say.

You, network, have rocked my world. On Thursday I asked the internet, “Hey, should I write this book? It’s been kicking around in my head for a while.” And then you people show up: the Avatars of “YES!”

You rock! You have my gratitude! You… are expecting a book! I better get to work, but do continue to spread the word: as funding and backers move from YES to HELL YES levels, the designs become grander, the interaction more satisfying, the research deeper, and the mathematical stunts… more dangerous!


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