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I’m testing out the Foresight Engine, which is likely to contribute some DNA to the Punk Mathematics game. It’s going on right now, for the next 24 hours.

How it works: There’s a scenario (in this case, the development of a “smart grid”, which is basically an energy infrastructure that has modern information technology alongside for clever tricks, load balancing, etc.) As players, we’re generating lots and lots of ideas by playing “cards” of various types. There are different types of cards representing different modes of thought, and you get points for having people build on your cards.

Soooo, this means the proper game-theoretic collusion trick is to start building on each others’ cards. You can search for a username in the dashboard–I’m mathpunk, and jannamark, Sigafoos, and thoughtgram are also playing on Team Mathpunx. Come play, and if you are on twitter, let us know your game username via the #mathpunx tag.

Update: Players I know are in our emergent team. Remember, you get points for provoking responses, so you can help each other out by playing off each others’ cards (legitimately, of course).